He is an old Ravian, who graduated in civil engineering from the Engineering University Lahore in 1966. He did his Post graduation in Sanitary Engineering from Technical University Delft Holland in 1972. Dr A.Q Khan also graduated from the same university.

Mr.Iftihar khan has served WASA (LDA) from 1967 – 2001 an dobtained vast experience in providing basic facilities to the citizens of Punjab (Pakistan). He obtained pre mature retiredment n 2001 at the age of 58 and participated in the preparation of the Master Plan of Lahore (Pakistan), as visiting consultant of NES PAK, which has ultimately forced him to launch the movement HUM JEETAINGAY.

Hum Jeetaingay is a peaceful movement to bring revolution for the benefits of the poor people of Pakistan. Engr. Iftikhar Khan as the coordinator of the movemnt preents workable solutions of our problems. The only thing which is required is, THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

SO say yes and join hands with Hum Jeetaingay
Iftikhar Khan