we all agree that incase Pakistan has to become a welfare state, the existing system has to be changed. 62 years have passed and no body has come forward with the solution. The movement Hum Jeetaingay presents simple and workable suggestions which can be implemented in 6 months and by the end of 5 years, our country will be one of the developed countries.

Electricity will be cheap and surplus, Flour and sugar will be in excess, three bedroom houses will be available on ownership basis on Rs. 2000/ PM, installment. Education and treatment will be within the reach of every citizen. Immediate justice, corruption free system will be in place. Transport and traffic problems will be solved. People will be get rid of income tax, property tax, excise and custom duty departments.

The provinces shall rule, but the federal government will also be stronger. Industry and agriculture will be at its peak. Lasting peace and prosperity will be available for all.